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Granada Crystallization Box ®


Granada Crystallization Box® (GCB) is a simple device to crystallize protein and other biological macromolecules by counter-diffusion method. GCB consists of 4 elements made of polystyrene:

  • A reservoir to introduce the gel
  • A guide to hold capillaries
  • A cover
  • A holder to maintain the boxes

The GCB has been designed to be used in four different ways: 

  • To grow crystals inside gels under diffusion controlled mass transport.
  • To grow protein crystals inside capillaries with un-gelled precipitating agent by the counter-diffusion technique.
  • To grow protein crystals inside capillaries with gelled precipitating agent by the counter-diffusion technique.
  • To grow protein crystals inside capillaries by the batch method.

Main characteristics:

  • Crystallization is performed under diffusion-controlled mass transport.

The role of viscous fluids, gels and/or micro-gravity is enhanced by using capillary volumes.

  • Reduces the consumption of macromolecule:

From 500 nanoliters to 100 nanoliters of protein solutions depending on the inner diameter of the capillaries.

  • Automatically searches for the optimal crystallization conditions: 

One capillary scans the same precipitation region than hundreds of drops.

  • Easy and safe transport to x-ray diffraction facilities 

Transport your precious crystals in your pocket!

  • Full visualization of the crystallization process
  • In situ x-ray crystallography: 

Crystals grow inside x-ray capillaries

If desired, no handling of crystals

Usable for cryo-crystallography

Triana Science & Technology offers GCBs in packages of 20 boxes


Price per package

GCB - A - 20

130 €

User guide of Granada Crystallization Box® (GCB):   

To make an order, just send us an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a list of the required products and services you need or from the menu "orders". 


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